Booty or Bust – Which Do You Prefer? | #TDT


Booty or Bust – Which Do You Prefer? | #TDT

Booty or Bust – Which Do You Prefer? | #TDT

Booty or Bust, bottom or top, ass or tits… Which do you prefer? Make sure to write what you prefer in the comments below because that is the question of the day, and it comes at the perfect time, because tomorrow, David A will be releasing a new FREE EDIT and this artwork is special. Sometimes, girls like to show off their body, and why shouldn’t they, they’re all beautiful. The girl featured in the #ThrowDownThursday pics is someone who sent us pictures and wanted to be featured on an artwork from David A. So, the 1DAFUL Crew sat down, and made it happen. If you are a girl or know a girl that wants to show off her goods, be promoted and be featured in one of David A’s artworks to be seen by thousands, send pics to with all of your social network info, and we will let you know if we can feature you. Also, make sure to subscribe to for exclusive features info and to find out who the special girl was this week :)

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Booty or Bust - David A - Free Edit

Booty or Bust – Which Do You Prefer? | #TDT


February 20th, 2014



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