Deorro – Dechorro (TB1 Vocal Mix) | Fireday


Deorro – Dechorro (TB1 Vocal Mix) | Fireday

Deorro – Dechorro (TB1 Vocal Mix) | Fireday

Deorro killed it with “Dechorro” so I had to throw some vocals on it! Hahaha, what’s goin on everybody?! TB1 here introducing you to the first official FIREDAY! I hope you had a fun week on to throw things off. We had such amazing feedback on the website, tons of lucky subscribers that received a free download of our new 1DAFUL Hour Mix. We will be sending out an email next week to all of our new subscribers with an exclusive link to the 1DAFUL mix. Now, its yet again FREE DOWNLOAD time on Here’s my new vocal mix on Dechorro by Deorro. Make sure to download it, and spin it or play it for your friends this weekend as loud as possible!!! Have a great weekend everybody and make sure to tune back to  for Big Moves Monday. We’re releasing a new original single. Anyway, that’s what Big Moves Monday is for. Make sure to subscribe to find out big news about New Years Eve, new tracks, and so on.

Download “Dechorro (TB1 Vocal Mix)” for free here

Deorro - Dechorro (TB1 Vocal Mix) Artwork

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Deorro – Dechorro (TB1 Vocal Mix) | Fireday


November 22nd, 2013



  1. Daniel says:

    Awesome job, it’s better every time you ear it.

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