Free Edits – Which one do you prefer? | #TDT


Free Edits – Which one do you prefer? | #TDT

Free Edits – Which one do you prefer? | #TDT

Free Edits! Who doesn’t love them? Well, everybody, we know it’s Thursday, and it’s usually time to throw it back. However, we’re introducing a new instalment on, it’s called ThrowDownThursday aka #TDT. This week, we’re throwing it down, between A and B. Now, you may have seen us play this game before on Facebook. All you need to do, is pick which image you prefer, A or B. Each image is associated to a certain one of David A‘s Free Edits. Some are easier to guess than others, but some are tough. Tomorrow (Fireday), we are releasing a new David A free edit, now, you be the DJ, do you pick A or B? Write it in the comments below :) If you need a reference, please check out the latest 1DAFUL Mix by TB1 and David A, both edits are featured in the mix :) Also, make sure to subscribe to by tomorrow night to receive an exclusive download of the latest 1DAFUL Mix! Happy #TDT everybody!

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Free Edits - David A

Free Edits – Which one do you prefer? | #TDT


February 6th, 2014

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