Subscribe, Vocal Mix, TB1DA Reunion | Big Moves

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Subscribe, Vocal Mix, TB1DA Reunion | Big Moves

Subscribe, Vocal Mix, TB1DA Reunion | Big Moves

Subscribe! That is the key to the exclusives! What’s happening everybody! Hope your weekend was as wild as ours. We’re not here to waste any time. We’ve got an awesome week planned for all of you including a new TB1 Vocal Mix coming on Fireday. While the boys spend the week at the #powerhouse working on new music for all of you, They’re also getting ready for their reunion set at Ozone. That’s right, after a full month of David A being TB1less, TB1 returns to resume the TB1DA Quebec City residency at Ozone. If you live in or near Quebec, this is not something you’re going to want to miss. In case you missed it last Big Moves Monday, TB1 and David A are throwing a huge party in their hometown, Montreal, Canada with Fluid New Years Eve party at Club Soda. Also something you won’t want to miss. If you want to make sure to stay up to date with what’s going on, make sure to subscribe to This is a good idea for many reasons, including the fact that “1DAFUL Hour Mix – 002″ is coming soon and will be exclusively downloadable (for free) to subscribers! Sooooo, subscribe and have a great week!

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Subscribe, Vocal Mix, TB1DA Reunion | Big Moves


December 2nd, 2013

1 Comment

One Comment

  1. Daniel Blanco says:

    how can i download “1DAFUL Hour Mix – 001?

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