Trickcast 010 – Mixed by J-Trick | Blendsday


Trickcast 010 – Mixed by J-Trick | Blendsday

Trickcast 010 – Mixed by J-Trick | Blendsday

The trickcast is something I usually check out. Hey everybody, David A here for a new Blendsday! This week I am featuring an amazingly talented Australian DJ/producer named J-Trick. Now, for this Blendsday, I’ve got a cute little anecdote for all of you. I was working out with my boy TB1, and I decided to put on the Trickcast. So we’re getting a good sweat goin on, and we’re nearing the end of our work out. We get down onto the floor to do some pushups, and we’re about 49 minutes into J-Trick’s mix, and boom, there is the Twerk (David A Remix). TB1 and I started flipping out! It’s crazy how much support I’ve gotten in Australia while producing this Melbourne Bounce sound. Big ups to J-Trick for throwing the remix in. Now, make sure to enjoy the Trickcast and be sure to subscribe to because we’ve got a new 1DAFUL Hour Mix coming real soon, but it will be exclusively downloadable for our subscribers. Ok, bye!

Trickcast Mixed by J-Trick

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Trickcast 010 – Mixed by J-Trick | Blendsday

David A

December 4th, 2013

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