Welcome To TB1DA.COM | Big Moves

Big Moves

Welcome To TB1DA.COM | Big Moves

Welcome To TB1DA.COM | Big Moves

Welcome!!! YESSSSSSSS!!! What’s up everybody, TB1 and David A here to announce our new website and collaborative project. If you’ve been following us for a while, or are seeing and hearing us for the first time today, you should know that we enjoy making crazy, rage, party music! We are best friends, we love working together and ultimately we love what we do and love life. We have independently been doing this for the past few years and will continue to do so, but along with our own independent stuff, we will be releasing some awesome music, content and good times that we share. We have also decided to create a hub where you can discover new music, find old stuff and be the first to know about everything that is TB1DA (TB1 and David A). We really wanted to find a way to appreciate our fans as much as possible, and for now, we feel this is the best place to do it. We’re going to be having amazing contests, we will be giving away (FOR FREE) exclusive, unheard tracks before they are even released and tons more exclusive content that ONLY YOU will have.

Subscribing to TB1DA.com is the key to all these goodies :)

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That’s It! Now, as we release exclusive content for subscribers, you will be first to have it! Also, you will be updated with awesome stuff going on in the EDM world. We have set up each day of the week to deliver something new to your eyes and/or ears. These are the days of the week and how they work on TB1DA.com.

Big Moves (Monday): is the 1st day of the week, this is the day that you will find out what’s happening in the world of TB1DA. If they will be releasing a new song, workout mix, vocal mix, free edit, what gigs they have coming up. It’s your weekly update.

Viewsday (aka Tuesday): our opportunity to show you a video online that we love, maybe a new music video, maybe one of our videos, or maybe something hilarious that we can’t get enough of.

Blendsday (Wednesday): As you may or may not know, every month David A releases a workout mix (30 minute DJ set), he also enjoys other DJ’s mixes, so on Blendsday, you will find out about his favorite DJ set of the week.

#TBT (Throwback Thursday): this is our chance to enjoy what we’ve done in the past, pretty self-explanatory, we throw it back on Thursdays.

Fireday (Friday): The week is done. We’re getting ready for the weekend, and we want to give you the ultimate song to party with your friends, or to use during your upcoming DJ sets!

We know this is a lot of info to read, and if you read the whole thing, then you’re already better than both of us. Don’t worry, we had to give the whole rundown on the official first day, but we’ll be gentle. We hope you enjoy TB1DA.com as much as we enjoy making it for all of you, now make sure to SUBSCRIBE today to stay updated because we have something very special planned for our first subscribers!


Welcome to TB1 and David A - TB1DA - TB1DA.com

Welcome To TB1DA.COM | Big Moves


November 18th, 2013



  1. Dj Beta :D says:

    Ustedes son increibles, me encanta lo que hacen y espero que a futuro los conozca mas gente para que vengan a mi país,son los mejores *-* un saludo desde chile 😉

  2. Wuised [HOONIGAN] 43 says:

    David And adam my brothers And me love your work :3 all your songs are awesome! We wait for more songs!! and what happened to #IAmNotJonhaHill? greetings from México

  3. Congrats on the website guys, this is very impressive! I looks very professional. Cant wait to see whats next!

  4. Juan David says:

    Felicidades por su pagina!!! Me encanta su música son los mejores sigan así nunca cambien!!!
    Saludos desde Ecuador!!!
    PDT: TB1DA hagan un remix de Rock And Roll de Skrillex se los agradeceria!!!

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